Our Story

Welcome to EcoLids!


We are a young couple who care about the environment and believe
in reusing and zero-waste sustainable living. We are trying to improve
our world and swap plastic products with eco-friendly alternatives.
It all starts with a conscious decision and effort to change and begin
an eco-friendly journey! 


We are a lifestyle brand that is committed to empowering people
to lead a sustainable existence that entails the use of eco products as
an alternative to single-use plastics thus reducing waste in a
hassle-free manner.


By providing premium quality earth-friendly solutions that are ideally suited
to be incorporated into everyday living, we strive to replace the dependency
on regular plastic products by encouraging people to take up earth
conscious practices which are not only good for humanity but also
considerate of mother earth and her other occupants.


With diverse specially crafted collections to choose from, create a great spin
to your earth-based story by gifting your loved ones with these unique
and thoughtful designs that give new meaning to being kind, caring and
Optimal accessories for consistent use, they are affordable, easy to use and
stylish, matching up with any decor from classics to contemporary!
And above all, they make every day memorable, enjoyable and exciting: an
experience like no other!


EcoLids: Boldly inspired by earth!